Invitation to Sponsor or Support the Conference


Interested in becoming a sponsor or supporter of the largest global conference dedicated to work related aggression and violence within the health and social services sector: the 6th International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector?

Oud Consultancy invites you as either an interested colleague or organization to sponsor or support this conference, and if you or your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor or supporter, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Conference Support

As the conference is a non-subsidized event it depends heavily upon the goodwill of supporting organizations. Subsequently we ask you to consider our invitation to participate in this unique event. Your organization can make a very meaningful impact in addressing violence in the health sector by reconfirming or becoming an “supporting organization” of the conference. Such support is greatly appreciated and in return you are offered the following:

In return it is requested from you:




Contribution to the “Waive the Fee” Fund / Sponsoring

One important goal of the conference is to support the attendance of delegates from developing countries, who have abstracts of merit selected by the scientific and steering committee, but whose participation is hindered by financial limitations. In lieu of traditional conference sponsorships, supporting organizations are requested to consider a financial contribution toward the “waive the fee fund”, which is being managed through a specific funded bank account for that matter.

For example, a delegate from Asia or Africa, who would be otherwise unable to present their work at the conference, might receive a stipend to subsidize their conference fees, and hotel accommodation for a maximum of 4 nights. While the costs involved are relatively modest, the potential for high leverage improvements for service users, staff, and organizational effectiveness provided by delegates’ attendance at the conference should not be underestimated and represents an opportunity to achieve a very meaningful return for your financial support. Feedback from attendees at past conferences has highlighted the benefits of having a rich blend of conference participants.

If your organization wishes to contribute to this fund, please donate your financial contribution preferably before April 2018 in order to know in time how many delegates from developing countries, who have abstracts of merit selected by the scientific committee, can be informed before starting their visa applications.

Levels of support

Supporting organizations that only wish to comply to the earlier mentioned requests, or that donate up to € 2,499,- are offered as stated above.

Supporting organizations that donate € 2,500 Euros up to € 9,999 Euros are offered one complimentary conference attendance and dinner with all fees waived for one representative.

Supporting organizations that donate between €10,000 Euros and €14,999 Euros are offered an additional complimentary conference attendance and dinner with all fees waived for consequently in total 2 representatives, plus the offer of one page for promotion or public relations in the conference program.

Supporting organizations that donate in excess of €15,000 Euros are also offered additional complimentary conference attendance places and dinner with all fees waived for in total 2 representatives. In addition they are offered one page for promotion or public relations in the conference program, and one page for promotion or public relations in the book of conference proceedings.


Other options for sponsoring the conference include (partly) financially hosting the welcome reception, the conference dinner, keynote presentations, or specific conference swag items.

We welcome and are grateful for any support and will ensure that your organization’s support is properly acknowledged in all conference materials and press releases. We will happily consider any particular preferences of your organization in this regard.

Further information, is available at the website of:, and please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Nico Oud (conference organizer) if you have any questions or need any clarification in relation to becoming a sponsor and/or a supporting organization.

Notwithstanding the prevailing financial climate we hope that you can consider availing of this unique opportunity to participate in an established, globally recognized event which will address an issue which is important to all.

Appreciating your consideration,
Kind regards,

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