Abstract Submission Invitation and Guidance



We would like to invite you to participate in the 6th International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector by submitting an abstract, attending and registering. We also know that you might have valuable contributions to add to this conference and like to be sure that you still have time to submit your abstract. We have extended therefore for you the abstract submission deadline for poster presentations only to the 1st of August 2018.

Note: Authors from C and D countries are invited to submit a separate request for financial support for accommodation to stay in Toronto (4 nights), and for their conference and social evening dinner fee to be waived. Granting of such requests, and the amount of the financial support for each individual, is dependent upon the financial contributions of the supporting organizations. Please note also that, those who are successful in their application for financial support, remain fully responsible for any other associated costs, such as travel, visa, and daily expenses.

The theme of the 6th International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector is
“Advancing the delivery of positive practice”


Abstracts can be submitted online on the following conference sub-themes and can address one or more sub-themes.

Advancing the delivery of positive practice through understanding the causes and patterns of aggression/violence


Root causes and immediate causes of aggression or violence, including all manifestations, sources and perpetrators, and the characteristics of individuals experiencing the abuse. Aggression or violence toward staff or service users, including all manifestations of the abuse: verbal; physical and sexual; psychological including harassment and bullying; financial, organizational, legal and societal, irrespective of the source of abuse (staff, service user, co-worker, the system, patients and their families and friends).

Initiatives reducing aggression/violence to advance the delivery of positive practice


Creating cultures that minimize aggression and violence


Reducing seclusion, restraint and coercive measures


Engaging with multiple stakeholders in seeking and implementing solutions


Providing education and training


Designing quality safety and risk reduction initiatives


Developing policy and guidance based on good practice

Resources aiding the advancement and the delivery of positive practice


Policy initiatives


Practice initiatives





Managing the impact/consequences of aggression/violence to advance the delivery of positive practice


To develop positive practice by minimizing the impact in terms of physical injury, emotional and psychological sequelae, financial, service-related, professional, legal and ethical consequences.

Other themes


The Scientific Committee will consider other themes that are directly related to violence in the health sector AND to advancing the delivery of positive practice. These may include but are not limited to country-specific approaches to handling aggression/violence; the impact of domestic violence on the health care system; the use of the humanities in understanding aggression/violence; alternative/innovative paths to dealing with aggression/violence.




Abstract guidance

As an important concept of the conference theme is the inclusion of ‘all’ concerned, we are especially keen to encourage abstracts from multiple perspectives including those of service recipients, service providers at local level, service providers at organizational level, health sector and social services staff, regulatory agencies and professional agencies.

Submissions are equally welcome from practice, research, education & training, organizational, policy and guidance perspectives.

Submissions are welcome irrespective of whether the work has been completed at local, regional, national or international contexts.

We are especially interested in work which helps broaden the understanding of violence and on initiatives toward responding to the problem which have transferable learning.

All submissions must be made by electronic template which assists those submitting in structuring their abstract, the scientific committee with the consideration of submissions, and with the standardizing the presentation of abstracts in the conference book of proceedings. The electronic abstract template has a number of fields which include:


Abstracts must be submitted in English, and all workshops, presentations and posters must be presented in English.

The abstract must be limited to 500 words, with the title of the abstract not exceeding 15 words.

The abstract must be submitted in a text format.

Submissions may report original research, project development / evaluation, practice applications or position papers, but should be related to the main theme and/or subthemes of the conference.

Abstracts can be submitted for:

For further guidance regarding the submission of abstracts and regarding the formulation of learning objectives please consult the conference guidelines.

  conference guidelines

Prizes (fee being waived for one person for the next conference in 2020) are awarded at the conference for the best abstract by the scientific committee and for the best poster by the conference participants.






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