Hospital Visit


Hospital Visit to Gaustad Hospital

Saturday 26 October – 09.00 – 13.00

By bus
Bus pick up at hotel at 09.00 pm
Bus return from Gaustad Hospital at 11.30 pm

€ 15 / 150 NOK to be paid at the registration / information desk

There will be 2 persons to guide you around

Registration at the registration desk onsite and is based on first come first served - the number of participants will be limited to about 40 in total !!!!

Gaustad Hospital is a psychiatric hospital in the neighbourhood of Gaustad in Oslo, Norway and is founded in 1855. It is Norway's oldest purpose-built psychiatric hospital. It opened as the nation's first insane asylum designed according to the guidelines in the Insane Act of 1848. The hospital was owned by the State until it was taken over by the City of Oslo in 1985. Since 1996, Gaustad Hospital has been a part of Aker University Hospital; and since January 2009, Aker University Hospital has been part of Oslo University Hospital, a subsidiary of the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.









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